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How do I login to Grindr using Google?

Google login has been made possible with the latest releases of Grindr for iOS & Grindr for Android. This method of login requires the use of your Google account email and password. If you have more than one Google account, choose the one that would suit you most. Check you have the latest version of the app.

How do I find a specific person on Grindr?

Here are some simple steps to find a specific person on Grindr. Start with a fresh account where you have not been blocked. Click on the little “Rocket Ship” icon at the top of the home screen and type in a location that is in close proximity to your friends location. Go through all the profiles that come up. If they don’t show up that’s OK.

Can I use my fingerprint to log into Grindr?

If you’re logging in on an Android device, don’t use a secure folder, as this could lead to Grindr being hauled when opening. Grindr needs to be in an open folder on your device to work effectively. With an iOS login, you can use both your fingerprint identification and your Apple ID.

Will my email change if I verify my Grindr account?

The email you select to verify and submit your data request will not change or impact the email associated with your Grindr account. I haven’t received my verification code – how can I download my data?

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