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How do I find a login for a website?

To find a login for a website, just visit BugMeNot, type the website address into the box and click on the “Get Logins” button. If a website match is found, it will then present you with a list of logins found with username, password and although not easily visible, the success rate percentage in red text.

How do I find the URL of a website I visit?

Alternatively, you can check the URL of any website you are visiting by clicking the address bar in your web browser. The address bar is the long white bar at the top of your web browser, below the tabs at the top.

How do I know if a website is secure using HTTPS?

Sites that are secure using HTTPS will get a green “secure” label or a green label of the company name (depending on what type of security certificate is in use). If you’re viewing Android Authority in Chrome, check out your address bar to see our green secure label.

Which websites are still on HTTP instead of HTTPS?

The list compiled below includes major sites like,, and even Google announced earlier this year that the Chrome browser would eventually clearly label sites that are still on HTTP instead of HTTPS.

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